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I know I have not keeping up with the updates on my gallery profile pages, but the word have been out. That’s right, this is a more updated version of the free demo Wizard's Quest is finally here. The following things have been included:

-  The transition black-out bug fix when entering the Forest of Doom.
-  Additional trees in the 1st forest cut-scene for screen accuracy.
-  Floor Panel change for the Inn’s 2nd floor.
-  The text color for the diary text scroll is now pink.
-  New “Easter Egg”! Close the middle curtain and the screen dims when you read the diary.

So once again check out the demo on GameJolt if you haven’t tried it already or you want to try out these new features. It’s free to download! https://gamejolt.com/games/Wizards-Quest/245833

Also I will like to also include here our August Update. I am undergoing some life’s hardships as my family struggling with 2 of my relatives who are undergoing some medical attention and so my progress for this and other projects have been slowed down lately. With sleep hitting me on and off and family obligations it’s been very tough to continue with the updates and the actual game may need more time if I am to include a New Game + feature, the release date will be pushed down to perhaps May 2018.

In the mean time, I will soldier through to get you more bonus goodies for your hard earned patience! NPC descriptions are in the works along with original profile art included. I will also be working on some more concept art for the game to be included as well as art for the website. It could use some fresh art around here.

Also for you who are supporting me in Patreon, I will be providing some more exclusive art that you will only see in the main game so stick around and stay tuned for more news and updates!

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