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Welcome back my long time friend. Glad to see the good news through your animated works. Amen for that.

Very slice of life story, I like it.
Though my 2005 sucked for me and everyone I know. Maybe I could animate a story about it too.

I remember seeing your videos, this one is shorter than the ones that I have seen, but I have to say it's rather professionally made. I think I prefer it watching this short as it doesn't take away too much time for those who are outrageously busy like myself.

I also remember supporting your The Award Kickstarter Campaign. I hoped it had succeeded and if it's not too late would like to continue supporting it. For those who have played D&D and fantasy based rpgs with friends for fun, story, and merriment I would gladly recommend checking out some of the works this guy has done. Sure has came a long way, please continue your work sir I would love to see more. ..And don't stop making those painted zoom-ins! Those were the parts that sold it for me! hahaha

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But....His name is not Zelda, It's Link.... :(

Still love this theme for this game though.

In the pet shop scene, whatever you do..Do NOT woffle-stomp the gerbil..
It'll crawl in your arse and die.

So there IS a pause button!

I didn't realize there was a pause button until I started writing a review. I also happen to notice there's a functional volume control, but there are no sound or music other than the volume tab sound. So with this said you're off to a good start, IT WORKS.

Not to be harsh,but I can't really consider this a demo because there isn't a start or a finish so I'm not even sure if I should give this a rating. Please do not rush to put up new material on NG, take the time to make a complete game whether it be a short or a long one. Also leave us instructions on how to play the game when you do release the final product.

If you want to keep people updated on your game's production please write an entry on your blog provided on your page, not this.

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This version makes me want to sing along to this, and the lyrics listed in the description looks quite inviting.

Now I want to sing this song too..

Awesome, I can totally see that in the Genesis. For some reason it makes me think of Ninja Turtles too.

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Adorable. <3

It looks like a fallen ruin of a massive empire. Perhaps a religion controlled by the state or vice versa?

Very nicely done. Love the composition and good balance in contrast.

Say!! I be dat artist.. Important Notice: If you have a problem with me please write it nicely on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, fold it up and shove it up your ass.

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