Cleaning out my Portfolio

2013-04-17 16:30:45 by TheManofSteal13

For those of you that wonder what I meant by "Cleaning out my portfolio", that means that I have a crap ton of art stuff saved up in my hard drive that I'll be dumping into the art portal. With that meaning that I will be more active again than I have been. I was pretty much dead here because of..well..dealing with life? ..Ironic.

If you don't see my sketches in the art portal, thats because they're sketches which is not allowed in the art portal. Sketches aren't bad, in fact I've made a lot of really awesome sketches which you may not find in display with the other art stuff so please come and check out my sketches in my gallery when you feel like being inspired.

..heh, I don't think I have an attachment for this entry. Oh well, maybe next entry. With all the art I have backed up on file I don't think you'll need to see one here, ey?


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2013-04-25 17:37:58

For a moment there I thought you'd be deleting stuff. Good riddance!