New Content for Wizard's Quest!!

2017-04-25 15:38:24 by TheManofSteal13

Good news to those who are following the Wizard's Quest news!!! There will be more exciting content added to the game which will make this game a better gaming experience. 3 new boss battle music that will be made with rich orchestral metal to get you into the action.

I am also considering including a vocal narrative for the text scroll prologue and epilogue, but I will need to hear opinions on it. Would you like to hear the narration to follow along or would you rather read it yourself?

I have set up different sites for you to read and view more content for Wizard's Quest, but pretty soon, the game will have it's own site for you all to check out. More on the works this month and next month. 

Check out more Wizard's Quest stuff here:

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2017-04-28 05:10:02

If you decide on VO, feel free to contact me at!
My Visual Demo Reel is:

TheManofSteal13 responds:

Hey! thanks for your comment and thank you for sharing your Demo reel! I emailed you a response, you're welcome to read at your own leisure of course. I will be doing another update later this week. I hope to hear from ya again!