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TheManofSteal13's News

Posted by TheManofSteal13 - August 24th, 2017

I know I have not keeping up with the updates on my gallery profile pages, but the word have been out. That’s right, this is a more updated version of the free demo Wizard's Quest is finally here. The following things have been included:

-  The transition black-out bug fix when entering the Forest of Doom.
-  Additional trees in the 1st forest cut-scene for screen accuracy.
-  Floor Panel change for the Inn’s 2nd floor.
-  The text color for the diary text scroll is now pink.
-  New “Easter Egg”! Close the middle curtain and the screen dims when you read the diary.

So once again check out the demo on GameJolt if you haven’t tried it already or you want to try out these new features. It’s free to download! https://gamejolt.com/games/Wizards-Quest/245833

Also I will like to also include here our August Update. I am undergoing some life’s hardships as my family struggling with 2 of my relatives who are undergoing some medical attention and so my progress for this and other projects have been slowed down lately. With sleep hitting me on and off and family obligations it’s been very tough to continue with the updates and the actual game may need more time if I am to include a New Game + feature, the release date will be pushed down to perhaps May 2018.

In the mean time, I will soldier through to get you more bonus goodies for your hard earned patience! NPC descriptions are in the works along with original profile art included. I will also be working on some more concept art for the game to be included as well as art for the website. It could use some fresh art around here.

Also for you who are supporting me in Patreon, I will be providing some more exclusive art that you will only see in the main game so stick around and stay tuned for more news and updates!

Posted by TheManofSteal13 - May 18th, 2017

I'm sure I have been falling behind with since a little over a week ago, but now I will give it it's due.

As the month reaches ever towards June I have been working on various bugs and adding additional conent for the game. There will be 3 songs for the boss battles which will be ready in somewhere between mid or the end of June, so expect a delay on the release. As difficult of a time I may be having with trying to make certain things work to include the content, believe me, I am working hard on getting everything in there and making sure they're in working condition...That and numberous amount of breaks.

Also, I would like to add and give a HUGE thank you to Aimee Smith for lending her voice talent for a wonderfully made vocal narrative! You can check out her page and more of her works right here: http://atheatricalsongbird.newgrounds.com/

Stay tuned for more news on Wizard's Quest!

Posted by TheManofSteal13 - April 25th, 2017

Good news to those who are following the Wizard's Quest news!!! There will be more exciting content added to the game which will make this game a better gaming experience. 3 new boss battle music that will be made with rich orchestral metal to get you into the action.

I am also considering including a vocal narrative for the text scroll prologue and epilogue, but I will need to hear opinions on it. Would you like to hear the narration to follow along or would you rather read it yourself?

I have set up different sites for you to read and view more content for Wizard's Quest, but pretty soon, the game will have it's own site for you all to check out. More on the works this month and next month. 

Check out more Wizard's Quest stuff here:


Or support me on Patreon and get exclusive access to the cutting-board content:


Posted by TheManofSteal13 - April 17th, 2017

As June draws ever so closer I have been hard at work putting in for that extra mile of content for Wizard's Quest. Now the stage is set and the game is just almost ready to release for it's June deadline. There is only one thing lacking though. More music.

For those who may be interested I would like to feature artists in my game for creating boss battle music, preferably metal type music. There will only be need of three:

* Black Titan Knight: His theme would be very heavy and should make the player feel overshadowed by a towering iron giant, a former ancient dual between David and Goliath. A cruel giant who spite many under him takes no pity to the ill prepared, but allows his arrogance gets the better of him. The song makes a dramatic change from his looming presence and picks up a momentum when he reveals he is too open as the player strikes hard on that moment and persevere into a winning fight.  


* Ogre Battle:  For the Ogre theme also heavy, but with an earthy slow lumbering feel facing off with a creature of immense size in almost an otherworldly forest. The pace of the song gradualy pick up from a dark, sluggish, and hopelessly laboring struggle against the beast to a shining bright fight as his only weakness and most foul enemy is the burning sunlight. Fire has never looked so glorious. 


* Dragon God: For this theme I would imagine the player feeling like it's their last day on earth, an all powerful deity looking down upon the player and yet even more so terrifying this god isn't even human. A creature of cosmic darkness that is now challenged by a small handful of trained and experienced adventurers, there's ought to be a burning flare to the rhythm as the party fight ferociously. The one redeeming advantage that humans have reveals to be no matter how impossible survival might seem, they can still defy all odds.


There will be more updates coming up on Gamjolt and on my Patreon page. So please tune in for more news as I keep you up to date with many more news and content! https://gamejolt.com/games/Wizards-Quest/245833

Support and watch my progress on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/omardumore

1949132_149241852683_digitalcover.jpgDisclaimer: the background isn't mine and am only using it as the concept for the cover-art which is still in progress. 

Posted by TheManofSteal13 - March 20th, 2017

wshe.es/mBw6XwYy This is for the Etsy Shop Contest that is going to reward the winner some money to be able to fund their business. I don't think I have enough of the following here, but I thought I still give this a try.  At the moment, my shop doesn't anything up so I will be getting on that as soon as I recover from my trip. 

For anyone who wishes to take a look, check here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ODMGraphics?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Posted by TheManofSteal13 - February 3rd, 2017

Alright, last call from our Beta-Testers for Wizard's quest. If you have not tested the game and sent me feedback this weekend will be the last time I will be accepting feedback and including names on the credits. After Sunday I will collect info from my testers, add the names, and finalize the game.

I will not be accepting anymore new beta testers at this time, thank you for participation and stay tuned for more news.


Posted by TheManofSteal13 - January 22nd, 2017

I have some really good news for my Beta Testers! There is a new patch update for the game that fixes many of the bugs that were pointed out thanks to ZeroDigitZ. As of right now I am still going over some tweaks and some final touches. The incentive for this game is to be really short with a cliffhanger ending, but with rich content that make this game very unique to play. Here are some new features that have been included for this update:


*  Some new incounters and dialogue
*  A new cutscene added
*  A few hidden messages added
*  Minor bug fixes
*  A few easter eggs


There will be more stuff coming your way as I will continue to work towards completion. There are some new bugs I will be trying to fix so hopefully those will be taken care of by the beginning of February.  As of right now the Beta Testers are:

JK Flipflop
Robyn Shelton
Lancelot Jean Mallia
Awp Williams
Terrin Scott
Ziza Tremor Walker
Andrew Radford

For those who would still like to join in for Beta testing please PM me the name you want me to put in the credits and the email address to add you to the Google Drive. You will be notified when you're added. The last day for sign up and testing will be the 31st of this month. Stay tuned for more updates!



Posted by TheManofSteal13 - December 15th, 2016

At the start of the new year I will be looking for Beta testers from 3 different categories. 

First category I need someone who are more open to social networks, in other words, people who love to talk and socialize. 

Second category I will need smashers, people who will play the game to break it. They will hunt out bugs that needed to be fixed. The prize? Bragging rights.

Third, anyone who had never picked up gaming before. I know, this is Newgrounds, who hasn't played a game right? I just thought I ask anyway.

The beta testers will be splitting up into 2 groups, 10 on each group. First group will be play-testing for the first week of beta testing and the second group will be play-testing for the third week. After the week of testing I would like feedback on the game. What worked? What didn't worked? Week 2 I will fix the bugs for group 2, and week 4 will be when I will make final adjustments. The testers names will be listed in the credits of the final version of the game. So please let me know what name you would like me to use to put in the credits when you PM your feedback.

Testing will start around January so stick around and stay tuned for further news. For beginners who are starting out on making their game, I have use this as a helpful guide. http://aveyond.com/downloads/How-to-Sell-your-Game.pdf 


Posted by TheManofSteal13 - February 18th, 2016

Hello everyone.

There hasn't been a crazy amount of new artwork other than the Moonlit Battles exclusive art for DA. Yes, that's right. All that flashy new concept art that exploded in here will only be found in Deviantart. HAHA! Don't worry, it's still accessible to everyone so everyone can see it. ..Back on topic. I haven't been showing that many artwork as I have mainly due to the lack of commission work so there hasn't been much flow of new content. So if you like to commission me for an art piece or see more commission work displayed talk to me or tell your friends to talk to me. 

It can be whatever you decide. Though I would like to include more colored artwork eventually..>_> With commission work and trades you win, I win, win win. To request a commission visit my page on Fiverr.com


OR, or.... If you like to do an art-trade PM me a note and we'll work out a trade. I no longer do requests unfortunately as I am now having to adult my life and believe me, when you get to this part of your life you don't have any more time for anything else! 

I'll stick a round a bit more and try not to be a stranger. 

Thanks for reading,
~ Omar


For Moonlit Battles concept art go here:


Posted by TheManofSteal13 - May 8th, 2015

Yep, Have a lot more to show this time. I know I have been say I'll be coming back and lah-de-dah, but with so much stuff here with no where else to put in I think I'll stick around for a bit to load up my next batch of artwork. 

My only delimma about putting up art is that most of my works are sketches and since there are more sketches produced that colored pieces I have been reluctant to put up my sketches because it's not going to be shown in the art portal. Plus I rather not risk putting up sketches as a non-sketched art just to draw attention from the art portal.

SO, without further adue, here are some latest news. Currently I have been finishing a class project which I have made a reel demo for. Yes, class is over, but the work is not over yet. So, once it is done I will have it readily available here on newgrounds. This will most likely be the first game I will put up on here and it sure as been a long time since...well...ever. A lot has changed since way back when. This new demo will be called Wizard's Quest and it is made with RPG Maker VX Ace. I'll look into the rules on putting up games so that I will have them available for you guys to try out. Eventually I would like to get my hands on working with other programs such as Stencyl and Unity, but more importantly I would like to animate. It is my dream to give life to my works of art and bring color that may have never seen before.


Here is what the title screen looks like. More to come pretty soon.